Syble Smith Davis, President

Syble Smith

Syble Smith Davis hails from Palestine, Texas. She came to Houston to attend Texas Southern University where she graduated with a BA and MA in English, with minors in Spanish and African-American Literature with a concentration on the Harlem Renaissance. Early in her career, Syble worked with the late Congressman Mickey Leland and the voting campaign in Houston. With recommendations from Congressman Leland and Houston Independent School District (HISD) Superintendent Rod Paige, she entered the education profession with HISD. Moving forward Professor Davis accepted a position at Houston Community College System as one of the youngest Full-time English Faculty members. Davis has published essays, poems and a short story, “Squatting”that has been published in college textbooks. She has been the recipient of various awards and honors, including the Teaching Excellence Award 2014 and a nomination for 2016-17. Professor Davis has served as Chair of English at the HCCS Central College for four years and Associate Chair of all English for the system. Her leadership extends to many professional memberships and she serves as Scholarship Chairperson for Students for the Black History Gala at HCCS. In addition to HCCS, she has enjoyed successful careers at Texas Southern University, University of Houston/Downtown and as Editor-in-Chief at Houston Style Magazine. She is working on her novel, Turmoil: Acrimonious Assumptions.

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